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Kudos from Our Clients

Don't listen to what we have to say about ourselves. See why clients love working with Greenville SEO.


Christina Rogers

After building their new website with custom graphic design, we started up both PPC and SEO services for this local medical office. We have improved their organic search rankings and we consistently drive 50-65 leads per month from our PPC campaign.

"It’s nice to know that someone has a set of eyes on it all the time. The web is such a changing landscape, and I know if there's some major change, we're going to know about it immediately from Ken. They’re always monitoring what's going on."

Matt Bailey

Matt has been a client with Greenville SEO for several years now. Not only did we build a new website for his business, we also run SEO and PPC marketing for his three locations, keeping his keywords highly ranked and driving business through both organic and paid search.

"The number one quality that I have appreciated about Ken is how easy he is to get ahold of and how quick he is to fix things. He’s just very responsive . . . I know just enough to know that he knows what he's talking about. He's not just an SEO guy, not just pulling with keywords, all day but he understands a lot of the background stuff when it comes to all of those things.”

Scot Singletary

Scot's multi-location business had been on page 6 of Google for over 10 years. After partnering with Greenville SEO, his organic rankings jumped several pages in just a few months. Additionally, our PPC campaigns consistently drive more leads for a lower cost than his previous agency.

“I like his attitude, I like his people. There's not a lot of bulls**t, they're pretty well straight to the point. The reports I get from them are one-page summarized instead of eight pages with a bunch of crap in it that I don't understand.”

Dan Benham

This web design, SEO and PPC client has seen enormous improvement in the years since partnering with Greenville SEO. His site is user-friendly and optimized for conversions, and our marketing campaigns drive hundreds of phone calls to Dan's business each month.

"Greenville SEO saved from YP connect. They took me from terrible ratings to outstanding. Our business has continued to grow. Ken and his staff know exactly what to do to help a company get noticed and he saved me lots of money. He is local to this area and is always available to advise me when i change business course."

Alex Diaz

We built a new website and have been handling Alex's PPC and SEO for several years. His keywords consistently rank in the top 3 across all search engines, and his PPC campaign drives quality leads for a low cost-per-conversion.

"I don’t write reviews very often because to me it’s not worth my time or the service is not at a standard that I would recommend it, which means I normally do not recommend services or products very often. This is definitely the exception SEO Greenville is the real deal . . . very quickly I realized that this guy knew what he was talking about, he wasn’t a sales guy he was the Guy doing the work and wasn’t blowing smoke, so I gave it a shot. I cannot emphasize enough what a great decision I made by contracting his service, my business exploded as he predicted."

Frances Garrett

This client came to us because they started to see a large drop-off in leads compared to previous years. Once we redesigned their site and took over their PPC and SEO, the leads started coming in immediately, meeting and then exceeding their goals.

"Previously we had website/SEO companies for our business, Crucial Investigations, but they never totally understood how to do SEO. We found Greenville SEO and Ken & Sarah have produced great results in the short amount of time we have been with them. We have a new amazing website and our business has increased! We are looking forward to working with them for a long time!"

Kim Wheeler

After creating a modern and professional site for this multi-location business, we started SEO and pay-per-click marketing campaigns. We quickly improved the site's organic keyword rankings, and we continue to drive quality traffic and leads to the site month after month and year after year.

"Ken's professionalism is off the charts. He's always into the data and the markets. Really great people to work with and know, and it’s turned out to become a personal relationship too. Can't be the price anywhere else!"

Andy Moore

Andy came to us for SEO because he was not getting the results he wanted from other SEO agencies. We quickly proved to him that we are knowledgeable, experienced, and able to get quality results where others failed.

"We had used several SEO companies with very mixed results, When we found Ken, he helped us understand web marketing so much more. We are now very happy with our local web presence and more and more of our customers and prospects are finding us. Highly recommend Greenville SEO to anyone looking increase their business. Top notch professional outfit and I'm a very satisfied customer."

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